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Archery is a sport directing a target through a sharp eyesight like eagle, dynamic strength, greater concentrations and techniques. With the help of stringed bow, the archer has to propel the arrows from 70metres towards an inanimated target. The points are awarded to the archer by the accurateness.


During the medieval period, the equipments (bow and arrow) are used as a means of hunting. This leads to the development of revolver, rifle, cannon as an alternative use. However, the traditional method hold its significance , finding it quite tricky than the later for the archers. Finally the perception brought to include this activity in sports.

Points system

The target face encompasses 10 concentric rings with 5 different colors holding from 1 to 10 points. Considering from the outside in, the inner most rings often called gold center rings are worth 9 and 10 points. The gold center ring which holds 10 points has around 12cm of diameter. Subsequently, the two red rings hold 7 and 8 points following the two blue rings are worth 5 and 6 points. At last, the black and the white rings hold 3-4 points and 1-2 points respectively. No points will be awarded if the target gets missed.

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