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Athletics often called as track and field sports, is a congregation of events encompassing running, throwing, jumping and walking.


During the early 8th century, the Greeks hosted one-day athletic meeting with a single competitive event named Running race. Slowly, they added the other sports and somehow the few others are banned at that time. The Greeks planned to conduct the events among the schools and colleges, which in turn hosted the Olympic game in Athens, Greece on 1896 with athletes from 14 countries participating.

About the events:

The athletic events are categorized into various sub events. As some of the running events are sorted into 100m, 500m dash, 4*100m relays and 400m hurdles. Yet, there are long distances races include 1500m, 3000m, 5000m dash. So, the athletes require sufficient stamina to carry out these events. The Jumping events comprise high jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault. In contrast to running and jumping events, throwing events are entirely different from the later. An athlete requires muscle power, flexibility and concentration to perform the jumping events. Some of them include hammer, discus, javelin and shot put. Walking race is a foot event as one has to cover longer distances specifically 20km walk, 50km walk.

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