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About the Game

Badminton is an entertaining game played with racquets and shuttlecock for keeping the body fit. In this game, the player has to strike the shuttlecock using racquet across the net. There are many styles of playing this sport namely singles, doubles, triples, quadruples etc. However, the common styles preferred in Olympics are singles and doubles. The name singles mean “one player per side” whereas doubles mean “two players per side” Also, the other style which is Mixed doubles, in which a team include both man and woman. One requires an intense concentration as the shuttle cock travels much faster than the ball played in tennis.


The Badminton sport was originated more than 2000 years ago from the Europe and Asian continents. In the late 19th century, the first open tournament held in the Britain with players from many countries participating. Eventually, Badminton has turned into the Olympic sport at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Points Scoring information

Players score points by hitting the shuttlecock once so that it flies above the net and lands in the opponent’s court. A serve ends to the player once the shuttlecock has landed on the ground. No points will be awarded if the player hits the shuttlecock twice at that instant.

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