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Beach volley ball is an amusing sport mostly played in outdoors by two teams of two players with the bare feet on the sand court separated by a net.

How to play

The ball has to be placed in the opponent court with a long serve by a player behind the court’s outer line. The team is permitted upto three touches before striking the ball over the net to the challenger. The serve ends when the ball is landed on the ground or if the player touches the ball twice subsequently or if the ball doesn’t pass to the opponent team. The team who won the serve is awarded the point followed by the same team continuing the serve.


The game was discovered in the American state, California. Earlier, the game was preferred by the folks to get away from the depression. Later in the early 20th century the California beaches hosted many tournaments with players from many countries participating. Finally the sport was initiated at the Summer Olympics 1992 and has been an official sport since 1996.

Points System

The game includes a series of best- of -three rounds in which each round played to 21 points. The team winning the two rounds is declared as the match winner. However, the third round often called as “tie-breaker” round is played to 15 points if both team won a round.

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