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What is Cycling BMX?

Cycling BMX is a type of off-road bicycle racing sport where eight cyclists race over the barriers with various jumps and rollers and a finish line. BMX is the abbreviated form of Bicycle Motocross and its format was derived from moto-cross racing.

Typically, the race consists of single lap and the contestant who crosses the finish line first is declared as winner. The pathway is about 15feet wide and the giant banked corners help to maintain the riders pace. However, the sport will give a breathtaking experience by watching the furious peddling, terrific stunts, giant leaps, plenty of crashes and the pacy riders. Also the sport rewards strength, speed and bike handling.


The sport was originated during the late 1970’s in California (USA) and rapidly became popular in the country. The first world championship was held at Las Vegas in 1982.

This led to the establishment of a sanctioning body for BMX in the same decade. Later the sport was officially recognized in 1993 by the International cycling union (UCI).

Eventually, the sport was included at the Beijing Summer Olympics under the UCI sanctioning body in 2008.

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