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Track cycling is a world wide bicycle racing sport in which the Cyclists compete to attain the top place on an oval-shaped wooden track of 250m. Unlike the other cycling events, track cycling is typically held on a steeply banked oval tracks in which two 180 deg bends are connected by two straight paths. The length of the race is up to 200 laps in Olympics or World championships. This race is held to test and analyze one’s endurance levels and skills while cycling on the steeply tracks.


Track cycling was originated during the late 19th century in the Britain. The game draws the attraction from many spectators making it a popular and lucrative sport. The major centers include Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, London kicked off the tournaments with cyclists from different countries participating. Eventually, the sport features at the Olympics.

Track Cycle features:

The weight of the cycle in this sport is lesser than the traditional cycle as the frame used in this sport is constructed of molded carbon fibre whereas in the latter is from steel or other metal alloys. Moreover, the aerodynamic design have employed in the tubes of the frame in order to reduce the drag force which make the cycle to move with faster rate.

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