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Football is a well known and popular sport across the globe played by two teams of eleven players, one of whom is a goal-keeper, on a rectangular field with a goal post at each end. The game is often called as soccer, American and Canadian football, rugby football and these distinct variations of the football are referred as football codes.


The game was originated in England during mid 19th century. The English men took an attempt to standardize the sport with rules. Later they saw many countries participating with huge spectators watching the matches. Slowly it became the first team sport included at the Olympics in 1908.

Basic rules

  • All the players must use only their feet, head or chest to hit/pass the ball except the goal-keeper who is allowed to use his hands in the allotted area.
  • Incessantly breaking of the rules, the player is sent from the match.
  • However free-kicks and penalties are given to the team if the opponent violating the rules.

Points system

The objective of the team is to score maximum goals within the permissible time is declared as win. If both teams get the equal goals, additional time is given to lead other team. In case the chance is not turned out, the match is said to be tied and equal points will be given to both teams in the points table.

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