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Golf is an international sport played in a vast open area in which the sportsperson has to strike a small hard ball in size with a club (stick) into the set of holes in the ground. The Ultimate aim of the game is to strike the ball from a long distance into the hole directly is declared as the success. Moreover the task can be completed with more than one number of strikes. The Golf area comprises many obstacles like water regions such as ponds and lakes; bunkers (ditch area) which make the player to find quite difficult in completing with lesser strikes.


The game was originated in Scotland during the 15th century. They used the natural pebbles instead of balls. Later, the Scottish Armed forces initiated the game with balls as a substitute in England. They also conducted tournaments in the country with many players from the states participating, leading to expansion of the sport with huge popularity. At last, the sport was included at the 1904 Olympics in Paris.

Winning system

Usually 9 to 18 holes are played and the final results are computed after the end of the each player’s round. The player who completed the task with lesser number of strokes/strikes is said to be winner.

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