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Mountain biking is the individual sport of riding bicycles in the off –road particularly in the rough terrains. The objective of this sport is to compete over an off-road, the riders should adapt to the complex situations like tough and varied terrains in order to cross the finish line before the challengers. The cycles are designed with the purpose of enhancing the durability and performance. To perform this sport, one needs endurance, core strength and balance, and bike handling skills. The sport is classified into many styles which include cross country, trail riding, all mountain , downhill, freeride and dirt jumping.


Initially, the game was originated as a fringe sport during the 1970’s in the California. The superior features were added to the normal cycle enabling the riders to explore the off-roads. Gradually, it became a sport in USA and the first mountain bike champion ship was held during 1983 in States. The sport began to draw attraction from many people in Europe and Australian countries and eventually, it was included at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.

Dimensions of the bi-cycle

The handlebars of the mountain bikes are 20 – 24 inches wide and the overall bicycle length is nearly 68 inches.

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