Road Bicycling -

What is Road Bicycling?

Road racing is the professional form of bicycle racing held usually held on the paved roads. The objective of this sport is that the cyclists must complete the race in the fastest time. The sport tests the endurance levels of the each individual. Coming to the distance, the men’s should cover 250km to complete the race and the women’s distance is 140km. The races are carried out in different forms like “mass start” events where the riders start simultaneously to set the finish point, individual events and the team trial events where the rider race the course individually against the stop watch time.

Fitness and speed

The rider should have outstanding fitness, terrific speed and bike handling skills in order to approach the speed close to other excellent riders and to maintain the speed until the finish line comes.


In 1885, an English man named J.K Starley who devised the chain-and-gearing system in the bicycle which enables to give faster speeds, sleeker and light weight. During the late 19th century, cycling became popular in the countries like USA and Europe and gradually the sport featured at the Athens Summer Olympics in 1896. Nearly 225 cyclists from 70 countries will be contested in every Olympics.

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