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Swimming is an activity carried out in the water region like pond, pool, lake, river etc. The activity is contemplated as a fitness exercise for all age groups offering many health allied benefits which include enhancing the cardiovascular strength, endurance levels, maintains the healthy weight and tones different muscles. Some individuals perform this activity for recreational purposes to get pleasure from it and a good way to relax and feel.


Swimming was discovered by Egyptians in the stone age period before 70 centuries. They were used to cross the rivers and lakes only by swimming. Later, the Great Britain intended to hold competitions where players from different countries participating and thus, game turned out to include at the Athens Olympics in 1896.

How to perform it?

The self propulsion of any individual through the water can be accomplished with the aid of the coordinated movement of limbs and body. Most of the people naturally hold their breath in the water finding it quite intricate. To get rid from this approach, one should exhale into the water and inhale by turning the head away from the water. Some of the familiar styles of swimming include Freestyle stroke, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly stroke.

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