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What is tennis?

Tennis is a popular international sport played by two teams of one (singles) or two (doubles) players each by striking a hollow ball back and forth with racket (bat) over a net stretched in the middle of court. From the view point of benefits, it improves one’s endurance levels, flexibility, cardio health and lowers the body fat.


During the 12th century, the Britishers were used to hit the ball using the palm and they used the wall as part of the court. Later, the Polish men played with the help of wooden rackets. In the early 19th century, the British selected certain croquet (sport) lawns to be used for tennis for playing and formed the National Tennis Association bringing many players from different nations to take part in the tournaments. Finally the sport became popular and was included at the Athens Olympics in 1896.

Points system

The point/score to a team is awarded when the player strikes the ball across the net such that the ball from the opponent player should not return back. No points will be awarded to the opponent team. The match is made up of 3 sets; each set include 6 games and each game includes 4 points namely Love (0), 15, 30, 40 and game point. The player is declared as winner by earning maximum points in all the games and attaining maximum number of sets.

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