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Water polo is a sport similar to the foot ball played by the swimmers in the water pool with two teams of seven players each, include a goal keeper. The sport is played for four seven – minute periods and the maximum goals at the end of the game announced as winner. The sport is popular in countries include Europe, Russia, Italy, Greece, Hungary, United States, Canada and Australia. One requires sufficient stamina and endurance to play the sport since the water depth is about 7feet.


The game was originated during the mid 19th century in the European countries, particularly in England and Scot land. However, the game was practiced in different forms in USA and England where the European style is opted universally. Eventually, the sport included at the Paris Olympics in 1900.

Skills/strokes required in the game:

Front crawl stroke:

The players should swim with bringing the head out of the water at all times, so as to monitoring the game.

Arm stroke:

The purpose of this stroke is used primarily to defend the ball.

Back stroke

The defenders prefer this stroke to look for advancing opponents. Moreover the goal keeper tracks the ball after passing.

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