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Weight lifting is a muscle-building activity/sport involving the barbell loaded with heavy discs. In contrast to other sports, weight lifting examines one’s dynamic and maximum strength. Most often this activity is carried out in gym, fitness center etc. Yet this activity offer some worthy advantages like improving the bone strength, connectivity of tissues and ligaments, promotes fat-free body weight etc.


About 18 centuries ago, the game was originated and practiced in the Egyptian and Greek countries as a means to measure the strength and power in one’s individual. Later, the countries intended to hold the matches with players from different countries participating along with several spectators. Finally the sport was included at the Athens Olympics in 1896.

How to get start?

A set of procedures to be followed from the starting position

  • Placing the feet beneath the barbell.
  • The back must be flat or concave in shape.
  • Inclination of the feet must be slightly from the floor.
  • The head is to be upright and the eyes are focused parallel to the floor.
  • The hips are raised higher than knees.
  • The elbows should be straight enough to lift the barbell.

Pulling position

  • During the first pull, the barbell has to be moved back towards the individual.
  • The hips and the shoulders are supposed to be raised simultaneously.
  • The second pull must be done rapid than the first pull keeping the head in the initial position and concurrently the feet to be fully placed on the floor followed by lifting the barbell to the extended position above the head.

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