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Free style-Wrestling is an activity/game of grappling the challenger on the ground through techniques like clinch fighting, throws and takedowns. The Wrestlers should use their arms and legs to attack the opponent body, excluding the waist. Difference between Free-style wrestling and Graeco-roman Graeco-roman is much similar to the Free style wrestling in the aspect of offensive and defensive fights. Graeco-Roman wrestlers should not use their legs as the weapons whereas in the latter, using of legs is permitted. The Free- style Wrestling is contested along with the Graeco-roman in the Olympics.


Wrestling is renowned as one of the oldest competitive sport across the globe. The game was originated during 3000 BC in Great Britain and United States of America and it draws the popularity all over the world. Later, Freestyle wrestling was appeared at the St Louis Olympic Games in 1904. Currently, 350 wrestlers take part at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics creating a mile stone in the history.

Points System

2 points will be awarded for tossing/bringing the opponent down and controlling from a standing position. 1 point for un-controlling the opponent (The opponent escapes from the challenger) The match will be conducted between the two wrestlers of the same mass category and played for about 4.5 minutes. An overtime round is added if the points is tied at the end of the actual rounds.

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