NSW Barham Bridge

Barham Bridge

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Barham could be a city within the western Riverina district of latest South Wales, Australia. The city is found 823 kilometres south west of the metropolis, Sydney and 303 kilometres north west of Melbourne. Set on the banks of the Murray across from Koondrook within the near state of Victoria, Barham had a population of one,159 at the 2016 census. The city is within the Murray Council regime space. 

The Barham Bridge was across the stream opened in 1904, this can be designed by the E.M. Delaware borough of the department and created by Monash & Anderson, with John Monash responsible.This is situated 826 metric linear unit (513 mi) from Sydney, 338 metric linear unit (210 mi) from Griffith, seventy one metric linear unit (44 mi) from Moulamein, a pair of metric linear unit (1 mi) from Koondrook.

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