NSW Bethanga Bridge

Bethanga Bridge

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The Bethanga Bridge could be a steel truss road bridge crossing Lake Hume, a man-made lake on the Murray River in Australia. The twin heritage-listed bridge crosses the border between the Australian states of recent South Wales and Victoria, linking the Victorian cities of Bellbridge and Bethanga with the regional New South Wales town of Albury. 

The 752-metre (2,467 ft) bridge was engineered between 1927 and 1930 and designed by Percy Allan, the Chief Engineer of federal agency Department of construction, supported a Pratt truss style. Every of the bridge’s 9 spans square measure eighty two metres (269 ft), with a breadth of seven. 7 metres (25 ft). the initial timber deck was replaced by concrete waffle slabs in 1961. The bridge has associate overhead clearance of four.2 metres (14 ft), with a reportable underhead clearance of twenty five metres (82 ft). The bridge was made at a price of c. A₤194,000 – 210,000.

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