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Gladesville Bridge

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Gladesville Bridge is an associate degree arch bridge close to Gladesville that spans the Parramatta watercourse, west of central state capital, Australia. It links the suburbs of Huntleys purpose and Drummoyne. It’s some kilometres upstream of the additional notable state capital Harbour Bridge and is an element of Victoria Road. once it absolutely was completed in 1964, Gladesville Bridge was the longest single span concrete arch ever made. Gladesville Bridge is that the largest of a fancy of 3 bridges, as well as tree Bridge and Tarban Creek Bridge, designed to hold traffic as a part of the North Western motorway. The bridge was the primary section of this thruway project that was to attach traffic from the metropolis via Wahroonga/Lane Cove, then through Glebe/Annandale to attach into the town. As a result of community action the thruway project was abandoned by the Wran government in 1977, going away the Gladesville bridge connecting the present blood vessel roads. 

The current bridge replaced the first Gladesville Bridge (Parramatta stream Bridge), that was opened on one February 1881. The recent Gladesville Bridge was created as a part of a series of bridges designed throughout the Eighties, that additionally saw the development of the tree Bridge and also the Iron Cove Bridge. It had been the sole crossing of the Parramatta stream east of Parramatta at the time of construction, with punts and ferries (steamers) providing the most strategies of crossing the stream. The nearest crossing to the bridge was the Bedlam Punt, that operated from 1829 through to 1881 between Punt Road within the current Gladesville and also the nice North Road in current Abbotsford. This bridge was additionally created per agitation by the community on providing a tram service from Ryde to the town

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