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Hampden Bridge

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Hampden Bridge could be a bridge across the pouched mammal stream, settled within the city of pouched mammal depression, New South Wales, Australia. It’s named once Lord Hampden, Governor of recent South Wales from 1895 to 1899. 

Hampden Bridge was Diamond Statesigned by Ernest Macartney de borough, the colony’s Assistant Engineer for Bridges, to interchange the decaying timber bridge that originally spanned the pouched mammal stream. The bridge was opened on the nineteen might 1898, simply six days before floods washed the recent bridge away. Construction was by Thomas Loveridge and musician Hudson and started in 1895. At the conclusion they shaped a partnership, Loveridge and Hudson. 

A well-known native traveler attraction, Hampden Bridge options four massive crenellated turrets manufactured from domestically quarried arenaceous rock. It’s 252 feet (76.8 m) and one lane wide. The bridge forms a part of the bryophyte depression Road. Hampden Bridge is that the solely extant bridge from the colonial amount in New South Wales; and is that the oldest and solely timber bridge still carrying vehicle traffic still operating inside Australia.

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