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Pyrmont Bridge

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The Pyrmont Bridge, a swing bridge across Cockle Bay, is found in Darling Harbour, a part of Port Jackson, west of the central city district in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Opened in 1902, the bridge at the start carried motorcar traffic via the Pyrmont Bridge Road between the central city district and Pyrmont. Since 1981 the bridge has carried pedestrian and vehicular traffic solely, as motorized vehicles were amused to adjacent thruway overpasses. 

The first Pyrmont Bridge was opened on seventeen March 1858, associate degreed was a picket pile bridge with an iron centre ‘swing panel’ to permit ships to pass. within the initial time period twenty,000 pedestrians paid the one penny toll. it had been conjointly crossed by “932 carts and drays, 43 gigs, seventeen carriages and a hundred twenty five horse and rider.” once the govt bought the bridge for £52,500 from the Pyrmont Bridge Company in 1884, they abolished the toll. The picket Pyrmont Bridge nonexistent with the development in 1902 of a brand new steel bridge that took thirty three months to make and was completed in time to accommodate Sydney’s initial cars.

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