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Walter Brown Park

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  • ADDRESS : 2A Gibbons St, Oatlands NSW 2117, Australia

City of Parramatta provides around 300 beautiful and diverse parks and reserves for residents, visitors and workers to enjoy. These open spaces offer a variety of opportunities for active and passive recreational activities as well as interaction with local native flora and fauna. Many of our larger parks include barbecue and picnic facilities, making them perfect for get-togethers with family and friends in a natural setting. Playgrounds are also provided in more than 100 of our parks and reserves for children to enjoy, learn and interact. 

In addition, we have designated a number of parks and reserves for: 

letting your dog off-leash

children to participate in water play activities including fountains, tipping buckets, water jets/sprays and other interactive features

casual and seasonal hire


Our Open Space and Natural Resources team are committed to delivering world-class facilities for the community. A number of parks and reserves have been upgraded with new facilities, repairs, additional parking and amenities. There is also many more that are listed for future upgrades. Find out more information on park upgrades in your area.


Approval is required for all temporary vehicular access through our parks and reserves. Forms must be completed and submitted to City of Parramatta a minimum of 10 working days before the requested date. You can apply: 

  • online
  • via a Temporary Access Form.

You will also need an $150 refundable gate key bond once your access request is approved and access is subject to the acceptance of our standard terms and conditions.


City of Parramatta encourages community participation in the development and management of our parks and reserves through our voluntary Park and Reserve Committees. We currently have approximately twenty committees that have been appointed by City of Parramatta to assist in the care, maintenance, management and development of parks and reserves in accordance with the provisions of Sections 355 and 377 of the Local Government Act 1993. 

Committee membership is open to both local residents, residents from adjoining areas outside the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA) and sporting user group representatives. A majority of the members of any Committee must reside in the LGA.The maximum period of appointment for a Park or Reserve Committee is 4 years from the date of local government elections.

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