NT Lake Alexander Regional Playground

Lake Alexander Regional Playground

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  • ADDRESS : Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Situated in East Point Reserve, Lake Alexander provides a picturesque body of water that is is safe for recreational activities throughout the year.

The site of Lake Alexander was originally an area of low-lying coastal marsh. Lake Alexander covers 3.5 hectare and has a maximum depth of 2.8 metres. Its seawater is drawn from nearby Fannie Bay and the water quality is similar to other naturally occurring swimming areas.

Recreational Activities

Lake Alexander is a popular location for recreation activities, both in the water and around the shores. It’s great for paddle boarding, swimming and a variety of water craft activities, or find a shady spot to do yoga or have a picnic. 

Water Quality Monitoring

We regularly undertake monitoring and sampling of water quality at Lake Alexander.

Water quality is sampled on a fortnightly basis for bacteriological contamination (Enterococci). This is carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the Northern Territory Recreational Microbiological Water Quality Guidelines and the City of Darwin Standard Operating Procedure- Testing and Analysis of Council’s Water Bodies.
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