NT Muirhead Playground

Muirhead Playground

Full Details

  • OPENING HOURS : 24 Hours
  • ADDRESS : Muirhead NT 0810, Australia

A beautiful nature playground in the quiet suburb area of Muirhead. The playground is situated in the middle of a big block away from the roads, so while no fence the roads are far away and quiet. This playground caters well for the big kids with lots to climb and explore. There is a bush tucker walk and explore – a sign posted with images and descriptions about what you can find in the area.

There is a fabulous large green grassed area so bring a ball or a frisbee to play with the kids. There is a small playhouse with a slide and climbing frame and pole, lots of large rope climbing and rock climbing activities. Perfect playground if you have a child that loves to climb! There is a massive rope climbing frame (pictured above). There is not much for toddlers and babies to do at this playground/park besides exploring the area (which my baby had fun doing!) But there are not particular playground items for them to “play on”.

Lots of sand to play with and rocks to climb on. There are BBQ’s and shelters with tables set up so would be great to have a birthday party or get together. Check out this lovely playground today. Leave us a comment if you have been here or let us know what you think!

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