VIC McKenzie Reserve

McKenzie Reserve

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  • OPENING HOURS : 24 Hours
  • ADDRESS : Yarra Glen VIC 3775, Australia

Mamma’s got a new family favourite – complete with sand, water and dung beetles. McKenzie Reserve lies in the heart of Yarra Glen and is a wonderful, hands on playground with something for everyone. The equipment is suitable for both the big kids and the little crawlers with great ramps and wooden steps leading up to the slides. The sandpit is Mamma’s spot to hang out, complete with its own water fountain. Perfect for making those sticky kinda sand castles! Musical toys are hidden amongst the playground as well as some wine barrels to play Donkey Kong over the top. There are heaps of swings including the largest bird nest swing in the Yarra Valley (I think). The playspace is littered with amazing oversized bug sculptures – watch out if you’re not a fan of the creepy crawlies. The Reserve is also home to a half basketball court, skate bowl and stacks of open grass for ball games.

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