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What does one do with a nearly-new railway bridge once the rail link it carries closes simply six years once it had been opened? Well, within the case of town of Melbourne, Australia, you change it into a visually exciting piece of landmark cycle/pedestrian infrastructure. 

There square measure 2 main components to Webb Bridge (which is, incidentally, simply down the road from Melbourne’s equally dramatic Crux station). the primary is that the original, decommissioned, Webb Dock Rail Bridge. This runs for 145m from the north bank of the Yarra stream, to a degree wherever the southern section of the initial bridge has been removed associated replaced with an all-new 80m arcuate ramp that connects the bridge to the side of the stream. Overseeing the plan of the previous bridge and also the style of the new section was design apply Denton Corker Marshall, operating with creative person Owen. 

The changes to the initial bridge are fairly stripped. excluding a replacement deck surface appropriate for its new role, the most important amendment is that the addition of metal hoops that widen in spacing as users travel from the north bank over the stream. 

The spacing of the hoops then closes up once more as users approach the new flexuous ramp. Here, there’s a unforeseen and surprising amendment in style to a embellishment framework of ostensibly random metal webbing inclosure the bridge, although underlying the planning is that the hoop structure used on the initial a part of the bridge. the 2 components of Webb Bridge, previous and new, clearly relate to every alternative, however the history of the bridge is scan within the distinction between the treatment of the 2 components. 

According to Denton Corker Marshall, the bridge has associate “emphasis on volume and containment, among the flexuous and sinuate form…Space looks region, dynamic and transmutation.” 

It’s onerous to argue something apart from that Webb Bridge is region and dynamic. It’s become a wide photographed landmark in Melbourne’s Docklands space, and is precisely the type of the infrastructure that plays a neighborhood in encouraging walking and athletics, merely through the sheer joy and attractiveness of mistreatment it. It won the Australian Institute of Architects’ 2005 architectural style Awards Urban style Award, and also the National Commendation for Urban style within the same year.

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