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Robot Park

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  • OPENING HOURS : 24 Hours
  • ADDRESS : Mason Rd, Piara Waters WA 6112, Australia

The Newhaven Estate Robot Park Piara Waters is unlike any other park in Perth. It has been fantastically designed with a mix of industrial robot themed play equipment and a contrast of nature, sand and water play. It caters for kids of all ages and is the perfect place for families to spend a few hours having fun. 

The most eye catching feature of the park is the brightly coloured robot’s head. It can be climbed inside and out, with a hidden slide running down the middle.

At the other end of the park is an extensive water play area with lots of wheels to turn and floodgates to open and close 

The park also has some nature play elements involving wooden planks, logs, and tree trunk steps. I really liked the wooden plank course set around the beautiful large paper bark trees. 

There are quite a few different swings on offer and a lot of the playground is shaded by shade sails.There are BBQs, picnic tables, toilets (!!), basketball court and lots of grassed area for a picnic or ball game play.

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