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Rowing is an international water sport where the boat is propelled using the swinging movement of oars (a long shaft with a broad blade at one end. The race covers two kilometers with 1 to 8 people in a boat, depending on the event.

Difference between rowing and paddling

One should not get confuse rowing with paddling. In rowing, the oars are tied mechanically with the boat whereas the latter is hand-held and no connection. A sports person or an ordinary people should possess right technique to do this activity flawlessly.


England was the origin place of rowing sport in the 17th and early 18th century. Earlier, it was used as a means of transport in countries like Egypt, Greek and Rome. As the years passed, the Oxford-Cambridge University initiated a boat race in 1828 with many players from the countries participating. Later, the sport admired many people in Europe and yet it became popular in USA. Rowing was included at the Athens Summer Olympics in 1896 but owing to the sea storms, all the water events were called off. Eventually, yet again the sport marked the beginning at the Paris summer Olympics in 1900 and it was accomplished.


Rowing gives a good work out to the body by targeting different muscles, joints and abs.

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